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9800 Studios are located in Athens, Marias Kiouri 10 in the area of Egaleo, near the metro station.

We provide a professionally designed environment, fully equipped to satisfy your artistic needs. At our studios we guarantee to meet your every requirement and ensure the finest results, thanks to our "cutting edge" equipment and our longstanding experience.

Below you can take a glimpse of our facilities and some of the gear we provide.

Control Room Control Room2 Control Room4 Live Room Live Room2 Live Room3 Control Room4 Live Room4


Audient Zen Small Format Analog Automated Recording Console
16 Mic Pres 32 Channels 2 stereo buses 2 mono buses 4 auxiliaries/2 cue sends Stereo Bus Compressor


PCmajor SiD X58 PC running Steinberg Cubase 5.5.3/Avid Pro tools 9
Lynx Aurora 16-VT Converter via AES3 to Lyx AES16 PCI-E


Focal Twin 6 Be
SM Pro Audio HP6E
Behringer HA4700
Powerplay Pro-XL
Beyerdynamic DT-880 Pro
Beyerdynamic DT-770M x2
Sennheiser HD280 Pro x2

::Pre Amps::

API 3124
Neve 1073
Golden Age Pre-73 x2 (Zen Pro Audio Mod)
Presonus TubePRE


AKG C414 XL-II x2
Blue Encore 100
Blue Encore 200
Blue Encore 300
Blue Bottle (B7 & B8 Capsules)
DPA 4006 x2
DPA 4090 x2
Rode NT55 x4
Royer R121 x2
Shure SM57 x4
Shure Beta 52 x2
Shure 515SD
Samson R11
Sennheiser E604 x4
Sennheiser E835

::Instruments/Music Gear::

Gabriel Handmade Drums
Kicks x2 22x17
Snare 13x5.5
Toms 8, 10, 12, 14, 16
ENGL Powerball E645/2
ENGL Fireball 60 E625
Peavey 4x12
Laboga 2x12
Ampeg B2RE
Ampeg SVT 610 HLF


Our services include professional recordings, mixes, productions, commercials, sound design, as well as band rehearsals in our specially designed facilities.


Marias Kioyri 10,
Egaleo, 12243, Athens
Telephone: 210-590-7990
FAX: 27410-28770
E-mail: info@9800.gr
Links: youtubelogofacebooklogo

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